Monday, June 18, 2012

Nearing 1,000 Miles




We have a little horse race going on, folks.  Will Team 15 Purple or Team 41 Juanita cross the 1,000 mile marker first?  From watching these two over the last six months, it could go either way.  The 11 miles that separate them are nothing!  It could change tomorrow.  But….  My money is on Purple.  Why?  Simple.  She got a new horse.  Its like driving a new car for her.  She wants to get it out, try out all the gears, rev it up and cruise down the road.  And with that said, I probably just put a very big spark – a jet powered spark – under Juanita’s saddle!   Who are you betting on and why? 


Distance Derby Stickers


I am ordering bumper stickers for my sister site, Horsetales.  I thought it would be fun to have a Distance Derby sticker, too, and can get combined shipping with those from Horsetales.  If you are interested in a Distance Derby sticker, please send me $4 via PayPal to  Include your address and I will mail it to you when I receive it.  The $4 includes postage.  If you would rather send a check, email me at that address & I’ll provide you with my mailing address for sending the $4.  I need to have all orders by this Saturday, June 23.  You can also order direct from the company.  Click here for the link. 



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