Thursday, April 26, 2012

WTH? & Shirt Orders


The other night I rode Fancy in the arena and then reset my GPS to ride Windy.  It looked funny on the screen so I reset it again.  It appeared okay and I logged a little under four miles on Windy.




When I uploaded my miles, this is what appeared between the ride on Fancy and the ride on Windy.  Evidently the Mother Ship took me to Weston at warp speed, topping out at 1,278.5 mph with an average moving speed of 285.5 mph. 



dd imageJust a reminder that Heather needs all the shirt orders in by NEXT Friday so she can place the order.  This will be the only chance to order.  Click here for order info.

1 comment:

Shoofly said...

Wow, those are some fast ponies you've got there!