Friday, April 13, 2012

Leaving the Starting Gate


I had to do a quick update since Jenny of Team Lazy A (no pun intended) just left the starting gate and now has miles on the board!  Yeah, Jenny!  I do give her grief but I know she has been riding but just not turning on that GPS. 


I started looking at the calendar to see if I could find a time to plan a Derby Day where many of us riders could get together for a ride, food (of course), and fellowship.  Jeez.  My calendar is crazy for the next few months.  Much of it horse related, but then there is that pesky graduation I need to plan and host. 


So The Friday After Mother’s Day Ride will officially be a Derby Day for those who can make it.  If I had t-shirts made, we could have worn them.  I still might have time to get that done.  I’ll keep you posted. 


Enjoy the weekend. 




Livin' The Dream said...

If you need help with the shirts let me know there is a lady that lives down here by me that does them and has pretty good deals. I talked to her and if she gets the order in the next 3 wks she can have them done by May 17th and I could bring them for ya. Just a thought.

Grabb'n Leather said...

So this will officially be a Derby Day for those who can make it will be on May 18th correct?

Tammy said...

Heather - that would be great if you would take over the shirt thing. I can send you the graphic. What is your email address?

GrabbN Leather - Yes, I think it would be great to have an Derby Day at the Friday After Mother's Day Ride. Give those of us who plan to attend a chance to meet, say hey and get some miles in. Maybe even a group picture! :)

Janette Kimes said...

I will be there. Sounds fun to me.