Monday, April 9, 2012





A spirit of friendly good-fellowship can be found among many Distance Derby riders.  New friendships have been formed, neighbors riding with neighbors, friends reuniting in the quest for more miles and good will across state lines all across the country.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?  (Hang in there, Alaska!)


I love that as hard as those at the top are riding, that so many of you have found a “pocket” for your own competition.  Janette of Team Kimes has the same folks on her watch list as I have on mine, including herself.   And I know quite a few that are vying for that 31st spot on the top Leader Board, which by the way is divided in two only because of my technical difficulties in making the screen shot fit in one picture. That is my dirty little secret!  Who’d of thought it would be a motivator.


Special call-out to Terri of Team MacKeogh whose horse, Royal, was injured after riding the other day but luckily not as serious as it could have been.  He’ll be back racking up those miles in no time!




Follow Your Dreams said...

You hit the nail right on the head regarding all aspects of your "Camaraderie" post. As of April 5th I have ridden more times, more miles, and more hours than all of 2011 combined (due to various family and work load factors that could not be helped). I still log hours for APHA and AQHA ride programs but this distance motivation is awesome! It is "win win" and I have a renewed sense of dedication to my horses, my trail riding friends (old and new), our saddle club, and to myself. Ride on!!!

Good Hands said...

Happy to report, Royal is bright eyed and doing well. Little does he know (or he might by now) that while he is at the hospital, we are going to get those pesky wolf teeth yanked. Might as well let him heal that while we are waiting on the leg!

Sure do appreciate my friends, and everyone's best wishes and offers of help. Especially Doc and Cindy at Chance Ridge for accommodating my good horse and keeping an eye on him, probably the only reason I was able to sleep at night, knowing he was in the best of hands.

gretchen said...

mosty definitely competing for that number 31 spot! it's just always right out of my reach. and of course, i forgot the gps when riding rain again yesterday. i will put it on today, dangit. there are miles to get!!!!!!!