Monday, February 13, 2012

What’s Your Number?


Whenever I update the Leaderboard, I always do a quick glance at a couple of areas.  First, the Top 15 because that is where I intend to stay (knock wood).  I have John Musil and Vic of Team Ay-Rab knocking at my door and with the cold temps here, I haven’t been on a horse in the past 10 days.  Team Purple was ill for a few days and Juanita was able to close the gap a little more at the top of the Leaderboard, but I hear the drugs have kicked in and Purple may be riding again. 


I also look at who is moving up from the depths.  Who are you gaining on?  There are 58 riders posting miles, so I am going to start splitting the Leaderboard evenly so you know if you are in the upper or lower half of those reporting.  It might not be important to you or it might be a motivator.  Just stay out of the Top 15; the competition there is getting fierce!  I might have to gear up and ride in this winter wonderland afterall!


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Our driving team, #35 The Misfits, has been logging some miles out of harness and on the backs of those large percherons.  Poor Cole, the gelding.  He had to take a time out. 


I’m not the only one who has eatin’ dirt this race.  Another of our riders, #15 – Messick, is sporting a riding injury.  She blogged about it; pictures and all!  She also talks about how important it is to listen to your horse.  Visit her blog at Horses Are Our Lives.   Brenda is still sitting in the Top 5, even with her injury.  Another 30 miles and someone could catch her! 




Dionne said...

Wow - I guess those short jaunts are adding up! I wonder if anyone would notice if we swapped Baby for Cole... He could be Blue's twin. Then I'd have all mares! Seriously, though, it has been nice to just hop on and go - a nice break from all the monkey-business of endless straps and contraptions. But - Cole needs an attitude adjustment - big time. We'll have to put some wagon time in this week. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him laying down. Not a care in the world... the little snot!

Tammy said...

Jeez, Dionne, you are right behind TM! Less than a mile away.