Sunday, January 8, 2012

What a Ride Weekend!


Note New Rule.  It’s only fair.  So make sure you post your rides. 

Rule #7) Because this is a "race", mileage must be posted frequently; preferably following each ride but not more than 7 days after the ride. Mileage not posted within that period will not be eligible for credit.


I just updated the Derby Leaderboard at 8:43 CT.  Any miles received after that will be recorded at the next update.  I have been riding all weekend – I am tired! 


Photo Jan 08, 8 06 37 PM


The weather continues to hold here in Nebraska with temps the next two days to be in the fifties.  Then snow is predicted.  I worry because we have not had a real winter yet and February is still coming.  What a letdown that will be for those of us who have been out enjoying our rides. 


Team Purple (Christine) continues to lead the pack with 108+ miles on her two besties, Bling and Tazz.  She is leaving us in the dust.  I am hanging by a thread in the Top 10, but will probably get booted as more rider’s miles are posted.  That’s okay.  I am a horse camper.  My time will come when spring is sprung!  Incredibly, between all riders who submitted mileage, the group is at 932 miles. 



The tracks above are from my ride on Fancy tonight.  The green area is our 24 acres and I probably rode on a little over 8 of them and managed to rack up 3.48 miles.  The bold red is in our arena.  I did about 9 miles on 4 horses yesterday and 14 miles on the Oak Creek Trail on Friday.  I was in the saddle for 3 hours on Thursday, but we were team sorting so never incurred much mileage to speak of. 

Comment welcome.  Have a great week!



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