Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weather Weenie


I absolutely HATE being cold.  I hate when its hot and humid, too, but I think I hate cold worse.  Have you ever noticed that cold hurts.  Your hands become numb and anything that touches them feels like razor blades.  I am especially sensitive when riding the trails and brush grazes across my face.  So just in case you are wondering if I rode this week after the temperatures plummeted?  That answer would be “no”. 


14 brenda


But just because I am a Weenie, doesn’t mean the rest of you are!  Brenda of Team 14 Messick tried to weenie out, but her husband wouldn’t let her (see above comments.)  In Brenda’s defense, we didn’t hear that Tom was plopped upon a horse riding through the fields with her, so we do know who the weenie is in that family!  Go Brenda! 

I see rides logged from #68 MeMe – several horses got their turn.  #47 Pinky & The Boys got one of The Boys out and about.  #57 Lee has recovered from a bad cold and got some saddle time and #9 Kaboom & #10 Half-Assed have also braved the cold.


14 lark


I saw the above comment from Team 38 My Own Rendition and curious about the story.  Please share.  Sounds very scary! 


14 Christine


Iowa has been sharing our Nebraska weather but Christine of Team 15 Purple continues to lead the race with 143 miles between her good horse, Bling, and her mule, TAZ, shown above.  Our coastal riders have been logging miles.  #70 King in Georgia put some rides on the camp horses and #7 Christiansen finished her last ride to qualify for the Equine Patrol in her California parks. 


14 janette


Finally, I thought I would share some of the winter riding gear and comments our Derby riders have shared on Facebook.  The above photo is of Team #49 Kimes


14 Juanita


And Juanita of Team 41, currently running in 4th Place, has quite the gear on!  I might mention that Juanita was one of the runners up in the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Challenge at the Horse Expo last year, so it doesn’t surprise me that she has cowgirled up in these extreme temperatures!


Housekeeping Item:  Some of you have mentioned having technical difficulties entering your comments.  If so, try downloading Google Chrome and using that as your browser rather than Internet Explorer, which I have found to become more and more clunky with all web related activities.  Chrome is a Google based like the Derby site so they seem to compliment each other.  I have had no problems since I switched. 


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Horses Are Our Lives said...

Thanks. I told Tom what you said, LOL. He said he was working, LOL I'm enjoying my winter riding. Thanks for giving us a purpose to our craziness!