Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Even Tempted



Winter is back.  My weatherbug says 24* right now and the winds have been gusting at 40 mph+ today.  There have been some snow flurries, but nothing sticking around here anyway.  We have the wood stove going to take the chill out of the house and I am sitting here at the computer with a nice glass of red wine.  John fed the horses while I got groceries.  Bet Windy was relieved to not see me coming with the halter for a change.




Some of the Distance Derby riders braved the weather and added some miles.  Sheila is in California (Team 7) so we won’t feel too sorry for her.  Some of today’s comments are shown above. 




Leigh (Team 10 Half-Assed) took her mule, Lily out today and her tracks are shown above.  Her comments on Garmin Connect said, “37 degrees; 34 mph sustained winds 45 mph gusts. My face is officially wind burnt. A couple of spooks (the dog jumped out of the brush at an unexpected place and a tumbleweed looked like a crouched lion.”  Go Leigh! 


If winter sticks around for a few days, I might have time to start thinking about those tee shirts.  Stay tuned. 



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