Sunday, January 1, 2012

Team 53: Princess


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Hi, I'm Jennifer from South Central Nebraska.  I am 61 and horses have been a part of my life since I was 8 yo.   On our farm we have 4 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 cow, several barn cats & 2 west highland terriers.  We humans are outnumbered!  


The horse I will be riding is Princess.   She is a 17 yo Arabian.   I find that as time marches on I find reasons not to get out there and ride and I am hoping that this challenge will give me the incentive to saddle up!    


My son, daughter and myself mostly ride around our rural area by the river, altho my son and I have gone to Rock Creek & Peckerneck to ride & camp. 


I am looking forward to hearing the stories of everyone’s adventure with this challenge.  It is great to see so many participants from all over!!


Lets Ride!!!!!!


Jen68 said...

Rode yesterday,, New Years Eve,, who would have thought, for me anyway. Distance not to be counted,, but was a fun ride for us.

Today, even tho the wind was howling and it was 42,, I bundled up & rode in the pasture which has shelter from alot of the wind. Not very long mind you,, but I can say:

New Years Day 2012--- 1.37 miles

Jen68 said...

Even tho I get off work at 4,, one has to rush home (7 miles), let dogs out, clean up dog mess, change clothes, catch horse & tack up. Sun sets at 5:18!! Never the less,,, January 3, 2012::

1.58 miles

Jen68 said...

January 4, 2012 : 2.06 miles

Rode around our farmground,, wearing my hunters orange,, sure it is some kind of hunting season!!

Jen68 said...

Actually was a pretty nice day to ride today thanks to there being very little wind!!

Princess & I explored parts of the river bottoms not seen before. We really went out of our comfort zone,, rode along the highway in the ditch too!! She is such a great little horse!!

January 7, 2012------5.44 miles

Jen68 said...

Rode around our ground,, flushed out some deer, some large old trees that have fallen over on the fenceline need to be taken out. This weather is great,, wonder when the moisture will come,, probably 55 and rain!! Yeah, right!!! So glad I joined up with this group for the "derby",, it's been a huge plus for me. Get a load of that beautiful Moon!! Princess says:
January 9, 2012-----------3.04 miles

Jen68 said...

Rode down our dirt road, & into our cornfield. Would have gone further on the county maintained dirt road,, But,,someone had set up an electric fence from the pasture gate on the south, across the road, to the corn stubble pasture on the north side of the road.It was laying on the road,, but afraid we might get tangled up, so turned around. Guess they forgot to pick it up,, hope a vehicle doesn't hook it,,could take out the whole cornfield pasture electric fence, COWS everywhere!! Anyhow,,

Princess says: January 10, 2012------2.2 miles

Jen68 said...


Princess says----7.58 miles

Jen68 said...

1/26/12 Was close to 50 when I started,, wind dying down,, was 43 when I ended 38 minutes later.

Princess says----2.31 miles

Jen68 said...

Princess says---- 1.65 miles

Jen68 said...


Good ride,, not much scares Princess to the point of "Absolutely NO WAY will I pass this horse eating object" Large dead raccoon with a piece of white tissue in its mouth,, I kid you not!!! I finally walked her past it, she snorted & sniffed, and looked back after we were past to see if it was chasing us!!! On the way back,,,, Oh Goody We're Headed Home Lets Hurry,,, we hugged the opposite side of the road!!!

4.93 miles

Jen68 said...

3.67 miles,,,,Been awhile since I have ridden,, I am a weather wuss!! Felt good to be back in the saddle.

Jen68 said...

What a glorious day this has been,, weather is perfect,,cleaned most of the cat sh*t out of the barn,,rearranged the tack area,,cleaned flower pots and thinking about planting!!

Princess says----5.88 miles

Jen68 said...

Wonderful ride today with Alex & Justin! So glad they made the effort to come here and ride with me & Princess. Nice people,, nice horses!

Princess says---5.8 miles

Jen68 said...

Princess says--- 3.7 miles

Jen68 said...

Have been riding alittle here and there,, went to Meghan Andersons cow horse clinic,, didn't gps it,,, been riding a new horse we have,, no gps,, seem to forget about it. BUT tonight Princess and I set out for a short jaunt.

Princess says: 2.9 miles

Jen68 said...

The last 4 times I have ridden I have forgotten to turn my gps on---wonder what that means???

Jen68 said...

2.48 miles today,, remembered to turn the gps on!!

Jen68 said...

Short trip

2.9 miles

Not setting any records here!!!!!

Jen68 said...

Rode in the coolness of the morning,,, still pretty sticky!!!

2.89 miles

Jen68 said...

Sept 2 rode 2.86 miles