Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Team 65: Art Teacher



art teacher


I am Jody and I live on a mini-farm East of Cincinnati in the Ohio River valley. I have been trail-riding and horse camping most of my life, having the many wonderful, sometimes scary, often hilarious, and always interesting, adventures that go with it! I am a member of the East Fork Mounted Volunteer Search and Rescue Team, and I am an artist/art teacher when I am not riding, tending sheep, patting the pig, or taking care of my family. I will be riding Ivan; a Buckskin quarter cross, and Biscotti; a chestnut quarter-horse half-linger. Hoping this year brings dryer weather and plenty of good days on the trails!



Art Teacher Team65 said...

Friday, Jan.6th- 4 miles

Art Teacher Team65 said...

Sat. Jan.7th- 2 miles
Beautiful sunny day! Went exploring off the usual path and followed a lot of deer trails to beautiful parts of the woods. The ground is still slippery and Ivan and I skied down the hills! Pretty exciting!

Anonymous said...

Sunday March 18th - 4 miles
Tues. March 20th - 3 miles
Wed. March 21st - 4 miles

Art Teacher Team65 said...

March 25th- 3 miles
March 27 - 5 miles
March 28 - 3 miles
Spring break was perfect for riding!