Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Team 64: George




I'm Marsha George.....

I live about an hour east of Cincinnati, Oh., in a town called Williamsburg.  I have a small hobby farm I share with my three geldings,

Pharo (20), Red (15) and Reo (8).  not to mention my 3 german shepherds, my 1 terrior mix , assorted stray cats (that I do care for), deer, skunks and whom ever else wonders up on my property.

I've been riding since about the age of 5,  that's a long, long, long, long. long time....hehehehe.  (tells you something about my age).

Seriously,  I love to trail ride, camp out, see all the wonderful places our country has to offer.  To me trail riding is therapy.  There's nothing like getting so far out into the landscape all you see is beauty, all you hear is the sound of nature. 

While I may not be a winner or even high leader on this derby,  I am certainly excited about being a part of this event.  How fun to unite everyone with this common love.  Maybe someday we'll all meet and ride together.

Riding a horse is like dancing,  you gotta feel the rhythm and move with it !



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