Saturday, January 7, 2012

Entries Are Closed

I have about a 1/2 dozen entries in my in-box right now that I need to get published.  I will do that in the next 24 hours.  That takes us real close to 75 teams.  After those riders are entered, I am going to close the Distance Derby to new entries.  That is more than enough riders to manage for a year.  :)  We are VERY excited to have this many entrants and had no idea of its popularity.  This will be a lot of fun. 


Some of you have mentioned you don’t know how to add your hours.  See the Derby Rules in the right hand column.  It is very easy to add your hours in the Comments section under the bios.  Click on your team name in the right hand column and it will bring up your bio.  Scroll to the bottom & you will see comments.  Enter a comment and if you don’t have a user ID, select Anonymous as the user.  I will get it in a special list from Blogger. 

The problem with sending it via email is management.  I have 5 different email accounts that I use for different reasons and I am getting Distance Derby emails in all of them.  I travel a lot for work and read emails on the phone.  Reading emails is hard enough on a phone but doing bookkeeping from a phone is darn near impossible.  :))  I don’t want to short you any miles.  In addition, Christine (Team Purple) is going to start helping with adding miles, so having them in one location is imperative.  Please review the rules to the right and work to using the comments section.  Later this weekend, I will provide screen prints and maybe a video of “How To” for those who are still having problems doing this.  99% of you are NOT having problems, so I know the comments section is working correctly.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for joining the Distance Derby.  Entries are in, its time to ride!


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Leigh said...

I am excited and having fun with this already! Thanks again for the opportunity. You forgot to announce that the grand prize for winning along with the co-prize of coming in last is that you get to manage the contest next year! Therefore I will stay somewhere safely in the middle of the herd. LOL-JustKidding.