Friday, December 9, 2011

The Derby Begins in One Week!

InformationOn January 1, our Derby begins.  For those of you in milder weather states, I am a bit jealous as I know our unseasonably nice weather that we have had this holiday will not last.  But we’ll catch up with you come summer! 

I have started a Distance Derby Google Group which we can use to email the teams.  As a member, you can send messages to the other teams, perhaps tell us about your ride, send pictures, ask questions… whatever you want.  Mileage that is entered in comments section will also be forwarded to this group so you know there has been updates.  Since this is a “virtual” ride and many of you do not know each other, it’s a fun way to “ride next” to each other and learn more about each other.  You should have a Google Groups Invitation in your email inbox.  (If you use a Yahoo email address, check your spam file - Yahoo may filter it as spam).  If you do not receive the invite, you can email me and I’ll send you an invite or you may be able to register right from the site:

Some of you asked how you submit your hours.  Easy.  You each are given a team name on the blog.  Find your team name and click on it so your team is the only team that shows on your screen and then bookmark it.  Then every time you ride, click on your bookmark and scroll down to where it says “comments”.  Enter your ride data in the comments.  That is where I will go to retrieve your information.  I need date and miles per your GPS. 

Someone asked what defines a team.  A team is YOU and the horse(s) or equines that you ride.  One rider with one or multiple horses.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or just chat!  I look forward to hearing from all of you now and in the weeks to come.

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