Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Update




Look at all the trailers at the Branched Oak equestrian camp!  It was the 3rd Annual Trail Challenge put on by our Nebraska Horse Trails Committee.  Events like this make horse campgrounds and trails possible.  Thank you to everyone who came out and rode or volunteered.  These things can’t happen without you!


I was especially delighted to have so many Derby Girls together at one event:  Tammy Musil, Deb Heitman, Alice Auer, Christine Shenefield, Kathy Newberg, Shari Parys, Cindy Nelson, Carol Lee, Jamie DeJong and me.  It was so fun to share the day, trail and campfire with you.


Welcome to the Millennium Club, Janette.  You and your good horse, Cash, crossed that invisible line.  Congrats!


New Milestones:

  • Christine of Team Purple #15 is over 1,400.  And I know there is more coming as we shared many of those upcoming miles. 
  • Janette of Team Kimes #49 rode her good horse, Cash, over the 1,000 mile marker
  • Jess of Team #3 and I (Team #1) made 900 miles
  • Kristy of Team #27 is now over 400 miles
  • Sheila of Team #7 is over 300 miles


I am sure there are more miles yet to come!  What a fun, fun weekend and so good to see you all!  Thanks for supporting our Trails event. 


Hey everyone – it’s a good time to remind you to please check my work to make sure I haven’t missed any of your miles. 



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