Sunday, June 24, 2012

Accomplishments and Inspirations

I don’t have time to do this post justice.  Just reading through the comments, I am thrilled to read of your accomplishments and of meeting your goals.  Following closely behind Christine, Juanita hit her 1,000 mile marker, Peggy, Sam and Sue just returned from a dream trip to South Dakota (be sure to read Peggy’s comments about the trip – talk about inspiring).  And the Alaska weather continues to cooperate for Jenny to start logging those miles.  I am thrilled for those who meet their goals and I’m reminded to not give up checking my own bucket list.  If you don’t regularly read the comments, you might want to scroll through them.  Lots of fun happy riders out there. 


While I did have two people officially resign from the Derby this week, I’d be remiss not to tip my hat to those of you who continue to accumulate the miles at your own pace.  You are riding your own ride and that’s what its all about. 


We are almost at the half year mark.  I’ll get hours updated tomorrow evening.  Be sure and check my work.  (Cheryl, got yours corrected). 


Hunker down.  High temps expected this week for those of us in the Nebraska/Iowa area.  Treat your ponies well. 



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Janette Kimes said...

I did not even ride last night. When I feed the boys looked like I had rode them 20 miles and they were under the shad tree. So Iwill not put on much miles this week.