Monday, March 19, 2012

Competition is Getting Dirty


First – a shout out to Jenny of Team Alaska for getting out of the starting gate!  All of us who have been enjoying these mild winter (and now spring) temps forget that Jenny up there in the 49th State is still digging out.  Here is her post. 




Not only a first ride, but quite an interesting one.  I wonder if “moose trails” are like our “cow paths”?  Hang in there, Jenny.  And send me over a picture of Mare sometime.  I have seen her on your blog but I would like to do a side-by-side with my Baby so we can show the others how much they DO look alike.  And don’t worry about your miles.  You’ll be passing us up in July when it is too hot and humid to ride here in the midwest. 




Janette – I am most anxious to hear about the new trails at Indian Cave.  Are they on the river side?  I always love to ride there.  It was a great weekend for a first camping trip of the year.  Lucky you!


buckin duo


According to Facebook, a couple of Derby riders were exchanging dirt eating stories (and a little smack).  As always, I am glad no one was seriously hurt.




Team Purple has now crossed the 500 mile mark.  And coincidently, her husband found her left behind at the trail head while her nemesis, Juanita, was out riding.  Is it a coincidence that Juanita had an unplanned dismount?  Did she look for the burr under that saddle? 


not reporting


Glad you all are having fun with the Derby.  I sure am.  We did have another rider pull so we are down to 72 registered riders with 60 reporting miles.  Those shown above have not reported miles.  They could be experiencing weather or just not getting out to ride yet, so I won’t take them off the list unless they request it.  But if any of you know them, you might want to have them check in with the Derby just so we know they are still in the running.  I will not be replacing any riders at this late date.

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