Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can’t Beat It With A Stick


The upcoming weather, that is.




I keep trying to remind myself that this is March.  There are still bad days ahead.  But we have been so blessed this winter; its hard to believe it will do anything but continue to gift us with these glorious days. 


Yesterday, my friends met me for a birthday ride – many of them Derby riders.  Some of us wanted to move out a little faster so we split up for awhile.  When we got back together later, the other group told me rather reluctantly (because they know how I am about this) that they encountered a “garter snake mating ball” along the trail.  OMG, this just brings new horror to my life; I truly did not know such a thing existed and I am sorry now that I do.  Sheila (Team Christiansen) said to “google” it.  I won’t.  But I did go to YouTube and did a search and should you so be inclined, I think this might be a video: .  I didn’t look and won’t look – hope I’m not showing you porn which in my case might be a better option than the “garter snake mating ball”.  Other than hearing about THAT, we had a fabulous ride; great weather and good friends.


If you are looking at the Leader Board, we had two riders leave the gate for the first time this year and reported their miles.  Congrats to Sierra of  Sonodor and Corie of Pinky & the Boys for crossing the 200 mile marker.  Leigh of Half-Assed is half-way through the 300’s and Juanita and Christine of Purple are neck and neck again. 


As always, check your mileage for accuracy. 



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Sierra said...

Thank you! The new addition to the family, Elite, has been bringing in a few miles for me also! :)