Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome, Ohio!


Today we had four new entries from Ohio to join Team 48: Keister (Brenda) also from Ohio.  I mentioned to Brenda that perhaps we should have a little state by state competition!  Many of those from Ohio are involved in the East Fork Search and Rescue.  We welcome them to the Distance Derby. 


I know many of the local riders found the Distance Derby through our list serv, Horsetales, or perhaps the Facebook pages of many of the local members.  Others may have found it through my Horsetrailriders blog.  It was actually the brainchild of Team 15: Purple (Christine).  She had found an online distance race on another blog.  I think there were a dozen entrants to start on December 1.  It was a couple days after that date and Christine and I tried to get in, but they had closed entries, so Christine mentioned that perhaps we could promote one ourselves and look at us now; 66 riders!  Originally I had planned on taking late entries through the end of the month, but I may close it sooner.  I think we have enough to make this fun. 


Photo Jan 04, 4 49 09 PM


If you are new to Horsetrailriders or have not followed my blog, I am from eastern Nebraska.  And if you are on the Distance Derby Google Group, you will see that some of us have been giddy about our weather.  It has been in the high 40’s and 50’s.  Tomorrow predicted to be in the 60’s.  This is UNHEARD of for January in Nebraska; usually hovering around the single digits.  So we may be logging hours now, but unfortunately, we are all just waiting for the deep freeze that will undoubtedly make an appearance.  For now, enjoy!


I want to make this blog as much your site as mine.  If any of you would like to contribute a post such as this, you are most welcome.  Just put it together and send it to me via email and I’ll be glad to post it.  It will be fun getting to know you that way.


Get out, enjoy and Ride!


Tammy (Team 1: Vasa)



gretchen said...

i'm thinking Georgia may join ohio with a bunch of registrants. Jessica and I have peaked the interest of others at Calvin Center and the Saturday ride gang may all be signing up. :) we'll be low mileage, but we'll have fun and represent the South East!!! :)

Jenny - Team:Alaska said...

I was hoping to at least get some miles in during our winter months but holy goats! what a winter so far. December had over 30 inches of snow and ten solid days really really cold. The highest temp I saw in a fourteen day period was 5* below zero. The lowest I saw was 28* below zero. Not much gets done outside at those temps: water hoses freeze in a matter of minutes and diesel duallys just won't start. The horses went through twice as much hay as usual but didn't get blanketed at all.

You guys enjoy your "mild" winter. I'll be riding all summer in *perfect* riding weather! :)