Sunday, January 1, 2012

And We’re Off!


Happy New Year, Distance Derby Riders!  And thank you for joining this friendly little competition.  We have riders from Alaska all the way to the East Coast!  I am sure our different seasons will be dictating some of our ride schedules.  It will be fun to watch.


I won’t always get the Leaderboard updated daily but will try to get it updated a few times a week.  In the Q & A, I mentioned it would be nice to see riders at least update a couple times a month, but in all fairness to the other riders, please do it sooner if you can.   The rules and Q & A’s are in the right hand column.  You will also see your Team Name and # there.  It is a direct link to your bio and a fast way for you to get to your comments.


Some of you have joined the Distance Derby Google Group and if you haven’t, you can click on that site to enroll.  This is a list-serv that riders can use to email the other riders as a group, perhaps share ride stories, etc.  When you enter your miles in the comments section, it will also be posted to that group.  You can change the settings to receive postings as emails, digests or not at all – just read online. 


I mentioned on the list that I plan to have T-shirts available for those who want to purchase one – will probably have our group name & your team name & number on it.  I’ll be posting information on design and pricing when I get a chance to work on it; may not be until later this month. 


Good luck to everyone! 


Let’s Ride!

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Good Hands said...

LOL, finding my competitive spirit firing up! Looking at the leaderboard, we have some overachievers out there! Thinking I am going to have to log some miles after dark to even have a prayer at this thing :-))