Friday, December 30, 2011

Team 48: Keister

Hi I am Brenda Durham from Williamsburg (Southwest) Ohio.
I love to see all the bio's including where you are in this great world of ours (a geography hangup I have :). It makes it so interesting to see where everyone is from. As well as your 2 and 4 legged family member info.
I have 4 Quarter Horses, Keystone 18, Lucy 10, Tanner 8, Kiz 5.  Keystone, (affectionately know as "Keister") and Lucy are my main rides.  I started a Mounted Search & Rescue team about 17 years ago, that I still participate in as well as trail riding and camping with my horses.
Married (hubby rides less and less all the time), 4 grown children includes one daughter that also has horses.  Two grandsons are my greatest joy right now. 20 and 12 months, the oldest one "Austin" shows great promise to be me newest riding partner.
Like many others I have read about, the horses are my "therapy".  I bad day on the trail beats a good day at work anytime! 
I won't be the winner of this derby, but I will be along to enjoy the ride and all your stories as the year passes.
My thanks to Tammy, for bringing us all together!


Brenda Team 48 said...

OK, the computer illiterate struggle on. This is my 3rd try at posting tonight....hopefully it will work this time (*&^##@ :[

I tied myself in my saddle (very windy) and rode Kiz, no wild life! (I'm sure they were blown a few counties away!)
Anyway, I'll take what I can, 2 miles on New Year's Day, hooya!!

JK said...

Go Team 48!

Art Teacher Team65 said...

ok now I think I've got it! Now to get on my horse!!