Thursday, December 29, 2011

Team 42: Miles of Tails


Hi, I'm Penni Miles, nice to meet all of you.


I want to join your group to get me in the saddle more often! Sometimes it is easier to let normal life get in the way. With some effort not as much this YEAR.


I got off to a late start with horses and shall we say I have gone a bit overboard. My partner is Smokey a mustang who proved yet again green on green means black and blue. We are still together 10 years later, but it took a very special mare to help me get to where I could ride Smokey. Since then we have had many adventures and are always looking for new territory.


I am in the habit now of taking horses others deem unworthy and helping them become partners for others. I currently own 2 Icelandic horses not yet old enough to ride will log a few miles walking behind them getting them ready for their future jobs. And a 5 yr old paint who should come home to me this spring. My first ever horse finished by someone else. I have high hopes for him.


With a full time office job and son who plays summer baseball I do not think I pose much of a threat for a win. Yet I do hope to keep you all laughing, and my rear in the saddle. (No not rearing the saddle, my rear in the saddle)


May your trail miles bring you many tales.



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