Monday, December 19, 2011

Team 28: Ay-rab




I’m Vicki Fraser, and I’m so excited that Tammy came up with the Distance Derby!  I needed a reason to be functional with a GPS since my riding buddies and I have misplaced trail more than once this year…

I’ll be splitting miles and ride time between Deacon (who will be 10 this coming year), and Lucy his half-sibling (9).

This photo was taken December 18th in the heart of Ft. Worth, where my buddy John and I had just ridden 20 miles in almost 60 degree weather – but you couldn’t prove it by my “My Tracks” app, because I had made some kind of error somewhere on the trail and turned it off…

Here’s to safe trails for all this year!



Vicki said...


Vicki said...





Vicki said...

15.12 miles
19.56 max speed
Avg. Moving speed 5.10

I'm still using My Tracks, but have ordered the Foretrex 301 from Amazon. Just don't think maxing out the phone battery is a good idea on these long rides in the boonies.

Lucy alone today. Wildlife was 1 baby Armadillo, 1 grown up Armadillo out in the meadow (too fun to ride up behind it and then watch it scoot off). 1 dead young fox with accompanying buzzard - I thought about grabbing it and skinning it out...didn't have anything to carry it home in though, (don't I sound like Coleen?), 1 Great Blue Heron.
My riding partner turned back at mile 2 because of a lame pony, so I got more reflection time by myself today with the bay mare. Great ride.

I've decided that if I chase miles to be competitive, I'll turn my joy time into work, so for those who really do ride long miles as a matter of course - I can't wait to follow your journey. I'm going to have fun with my new GPS tools, log what I ride normally (which I haven't done before), and as Leigh and Tammy have already mentioned - think about each one of you that I already know, and look forward to stories from those of you that I don't know. I thought about Jess and Corie on that Elmwood trail - you guys rode with me when I was getting Deacon and Lucy started - I'll never forget it. Love knowing that we're all doing the same thing - and having a reason to log some miles and feed our souls.

Vicki said...

15.05 total distance
15.65 max speed
3.97 Avg. moving speed
3.47 moving time

Slowed down today - over 40 miles on Lucy this week and it's only Wed. I could tell she was a little tired. I'm laying them both off the rest of the week.

1 Armadillo, 1 deer, 1 squirrel (really reaching for it here, aren't I)?

Gorgeous 60 degree day on the Blue trail at LBJ Grasslands with my riding buddy John Rutan.

Vicki said...

Total distance 11.0, and I don't have the rest of the stats because I posted here (which didn't publish for some reason) then erased my tracks on my new Garmin Foretrex 301...

First ride Friday the 20th on Deacon, after 2 weeks with both horses injured after a bad float.

They both are looking good, hoping to get some ride time in!

Vicki said...

6.93 miles
15.7 max speed
3.3 slow moving average

Took Lucy out by myself today and just moseyed. Her first ride since the float debacle. Rode in a rope halter and neck rope. One great blue heron and me on the trail. Back to my Dennis Reis coursework as soon as it dries out enough to work them in the round pen (which is a fake hotwire set up in their paddock).

Vicki said...

7.35 Miles
13.6 Max Speed
3.6 Moving Avg.
2.04 Moving Time

First ride out since Deacon's colic. John on Deacon, me on Lucy, Alice on her new mare Karess, Marian on Lena. Gorgeous, 50 degree February day. Same blue heron on the pond. Pizza @ Pellegrinos afterward. Really, does it get any better than this. So grateful to be back on my horses.

Vicki said...

12.4 Miles

White trail @ LBJ Grasslands. John on Deacon, me on Lucy, a pretty slow ride, cold start, with wet trails. I've figured out how to download my Garmin but haven't figured out how to post the link to this site yet. Also, when I hand wrote my stats off of the Garmin to post here, then uploaded to Garmin Connect, the timing was different, as was max speed, but miles stayed the same. Oh well, if I was riding to win this, I'd worry about it, as it is, I'm enjoying every slow mile.

Vicki said...

11.1 miles
18.5 max speed
3.8 Avg. moving speed
2.56 moving time

Rode on Grapevine Lake, Alice, Alanna, John and myself. I rode Dandy Bar, a big paint that John hauled for me. First horse of someone else's that I've ridden in probably years. I missed my little Maserati horses. That paint was so wide I'll be walking funny for a week. We were bundled up like polar explorers, but it was a great ride with good partners on the trail.

Vicki said...

7.6 miles
16.2 Max Speed
3.4 Avg. Mov. speed
2.16 moving time

Cloudy, foggy, drippy morning. Heron, Buzzards, two white-tail deer and 1 Armadillo - DOR.

Deacon and Lucy going great, footing good where it was rocky and sandy, slimy elsewhere. Supposed to be 64 - it didn't get there while I was on the trail.

Vicki said...

7.89 miles
13.00 Max speed
3.9 Mov Avg.
2.0 hours

Cloudy, gray day. Migrating Cormorants on the lake, lots of groups of deer, Great Blue Heron. Rode Deacon in my Ovation all purpose saddle because he's got loin rubs (where the long hair shedding is being pulled out by the saddle pad). Needless to say, riding treed stinks. Feel like I've been beat with a sock full of nickles. I'll quit whining. Good to be out, even in the slop.

Vicki said...

18.7 Miles
20.6 Max speed (a new clocked high as I'm a wienie, but am inspired by TV & Renee)
4.2 Mov. Avg.
4.29 Mov time

1 white swan, numerous comorants, lots of mallards, 1 pair domestic geese that must just hang out looking for food, and several fabulous dogs on leash.

John R. & I on the Trinity River Trails after a week of rain - the only place within 60 miles with any footing. Him on the TWH Ranger, me on Lucy. She was frenetic, but had a good ride and managed to stay in the middle. Very over-stimulating for my country horse - bikes, walkers, water-fowl, city noise and bridges.

Vicki said...

10.26 Miles
18.5 Max speed

Lost my Garmin batteries @ 6.61 miles, turned on My Tracks. I'm cracking myself up here. Couldn't navigate my way out of wet paper bag, but by golly, I can track miles! Note to self: see if Cabela's offers a GPS class...

Rode from the base of the dam North to Isle Du Bois and a little beyond. Trails still really wet & sloppy north of the Isle. Rode Deacon, John on Ranger, good ride.

1 blue heron hanging out with slightly shocked-looking domestic geese & ducks on the neighborhood pond. A flock of sea gulls, the usual cast of buzzards. Gorgeous day, the trees are blooming.

Vicki said...

9.49 miles
21.2 max speed

Red Trail @ the Grasslands today with the Cross Timbers Equestrian Trails Association which is very active in trail advocacy. Probably 30 riders which with practice born of experience, split up into three groups by speed. Slow - walking backwards, medium - some trot and cantering, and fast - the open CTR rider speed. Gorgeous day, didn't see a critter one, but with the whole world out there riding, I'm not surprised. I guess we did see a nice brindle black-mouth cur (same breed as ol' Yeller)...

Vicki said...

7.39 miles
2.08 time
3.4 avg. moving speed
15.8 max speed

Ride on Lewisville lake today with Alice, Bird & John. Saw a herd of bucks - must have been the bachelor herd, and they were the biggest stags I've seen since we left Colorado. Just gorgeous. They had crossed a residential road in front of Alice's place, and were bounding across the pasture across from where we were sitting. They just kept coming, buck after buck. Spectacular.

Wish Joel had been there with a bottle of barbeque sauce...

Vicki said...

9.5 miles
3.9 avg mov. speed
17.5 max speed

Good group today out on the red trail. I took Lucy out ahead and just let her set her own pace. She had a blast, and I did too. At about 4 miles the slow group headed back toward the trailer and John and I finished the trail loop. We're conditioning a horse that John is taking to Arkansas on our Bar 50 adventure during spring break, so it was a good day to just put a few more miles on.

Only wildlife was one shy doe that was heading to water as I was crossing the little dam. 80 degrees today, and the trees are blooming.

Vicki said...

6.32 miles
3.5 mov. avg.
14.6 max speed

I can't wait until I get a 29 mph ride like Juanita! Rutan & I rode out this morning cheating the weather man who said 95% chance of rain. If we didn't get it done, then no riding until we hit Arkansas Monday afternoon. Crazy. We got out a little over 3 miles - sweating because it was 75 and humid - when the front hit. You could hear it hit the trees along the lake. The temp dropped several degrees really quickly, so we turned around and headed back to the trailer. Saw a migrating flock of pelicans.

Headed to the local italian eatery and had hot tea and good food. Everything is green here, I've eated the first broccoli out of my garden, going to plant tomatos next week when I get home.

Vicki said...

19.2 miles on 3/13/12
5.5 miles on 3/14/12

Bismarck, Arkansas with Alice, Marian, Kirk, myself, John and Mabeth. Wonderful rocky moutainous terrain, rock bottom rushing streams. All the wildlife was in the lodge area: geese doing what geese do in the spring (think of that garter snake mating ball), 1 baby deer, 2 great white pyranees that alternately barked and howled at night. 1 wrangler straight out of "Deliverance". 1 black racer snake.

That 19.2 miles was some misplaced trail. I have GOT to learn to use that dang GPS for something other than counting miles...

Took a day off to go do Hot Springs and the botanical garden there. Just a wonderful time. Gonna try to reach my 200 mile mark tomorrow.

Vicki said...

11.1 miles

Did the first 5.5 miles @ 5.5 avg. mov. speed. Slowed it down for the 2nd half. Those gaited horses are looking better and better to me. I rode out early and alone, John and Alice followed on her two black TWH, and John & Marian brought up the rear on the QH's. Good day, overcast, lots of hikers and riders out.

Vicki said...

9.0 miles
3.5 mov. avg.
15.8 max speed

Rode Lucy, John on Deacon, Gail on Hank, they went out ahead as I schooled Lucy. Worked on maintaining speed and gait on a loose rein. Turn on the forehand, sidepassing, halts, backing, everything else on the aforementioned loose rein in just a snaffle.
Great ride. One lone Turkey crossed the trail, and one little turtle. Gorgeous, 80 degree day.

Vicki said...

4/4/12 - 11.7 miles Elm Fork trail on Lake Ray Roberts. 1 turtle, 1 frog, 1 lizard, 3 cats, 1 buzzard & 1 big-ass blue heron.

4/5/12 - 11.1 miles - IDB to Lantana lodge. Slow ride on Lucy, on a loose rein. If she changed gait or speed in the gait, I redirected her feet, otherwise, just slow and relaxed. Gorgeous Spring day.

Vicki said...

4/17/12 8.3 miles - Isle Du Bois with Carol, John & Marian. Gorgeous day, rode Deacon and did lots of transitions in gaits.

4/18/12 9.63 miles @ LBJ Grasslands, Red Trail w/John & Marian.
Lucy doing great, only critter was a little turtle & lots of road kill on the road leading in to camp. We're going to do it again tomorrow.

Vicki said...

4/19/12 6.10 miles, LBJ Grasslands again with the group going to Cap Rock at the end of the month.

One of the gals is riding a horse that hasn't been legged up - rehabbing from an injury, so we kept it short and slow. All the better to get back for lunch.

Vicki said...

4/22/12 7.84 miles
I rode Deacon, had a good friend of mine who is leaving the state on Tuesday ride Lucy. This is a gal that has only ridden twice - once a trained-to-death quarter horse about 6 months ago, and today on Lucy. She did a beautiful job with the bay mare and I only stammered once when she asked, "how do you stop her"...LOL. I just had to get her out on the trail and show her the one-rein stop, and she and the bay mare went on down the trail and had a terrific time with each other. Lucy is really coming along in her new training mode of "staying in the gait you put her in until you tell her something different". When she breaks gait, we ORS, the rest of the time, we travel on a loose rein. Gorgeous day. I was proud of both of the girls.

Vicki said...

4/23/12 10.6 miles, with John, Marian, Margaret & Gail at Lake Ray Roberts. Me on Deacon, it was uneventful

4/24/12 7.11 miles. If I had a bucket list, this ride would be on it. Rode a client's big, black, out of a show-barn Tennessee Walking Horse with the most pure gaits I've ever ridden. Big horse, big running walk, we were just covering the miles. She bought another saddle, I wiped the big grin off of my face, and came back home to my (smoother than that horse) Ay-rabs. What an absolute dream to be looking through the ears of a horse whose head was higher than mine as he gaited along. Beautiful day, only one turtle, 1 great blue heron and a funny bunny for wildlife sightings.

Vicki said...

4/26 5.3 miles.

Short ride with John on Dandy Bar, me on Lucy, prior to heading for Pole Canyon Ranch, Texas on Monday.

Vicki said...

5/1/12 9.66 miles
5/2/12 13.2 miles
5/3/12 8.37 miles

5 easy hours of hauling West to Pole Canyon Ranch, right next door to the famed Caprock Canyon. There are no words to describe any of it - the canyons themselves, the riding, the feel of desert southwest. I'm filled up. I left home on empty, came home overflowing. I rode the slowest miles I've ever ridden in my life, that expedited by riding with a friend who says, "in a world where everything is measured in how fast you can go from 0-60, go 0-2. And see it all. Then he made like a little zero with his thumb and forefinger, then the two was the V (like for Victory) sign, done fast like a pitcher and catcher talking to each other. Motto for the week, motto for life - zero to two - and see it all. This is the husband of a couple that has become our family here in Texas, great lifetime horseman.

We tied horses up and sat on creek banks with our feet in the stream with canyon walls at our back - bullfrog tadpoles came and hovered on my feet - you'd think it would be creepy, but it was just cool. Covered more ground, tied horses up and walked to explore funny drop-offs, or to eat lunch under a mesquite tree overlooking a 360 degree view of the most amazing earth I've ever seen.

Rode Lucy bareback with a snaffle over the land until sunset, where we climbed the mesa for that - and to watch the moon rise. I've never gotten to stop and live in the land that I saw - I was always to busy moving. So blessed to have gotten to see it this way.

Wild hogs in the yard of the house every night, black-tail deer, jackrabbit, horned toad, lizard that starts with a "c" and changes color, I just can't remember how to spell it. Owl, buzzard. Big sky. Heaven.

Vicki said...

5/13 12.7 miles

Yellow trail at LBJ grasslands with the Pole Canyon alums. Beautiful ride.

Vicki said...

5/17/12 11.0 miles.

Rode IDB to Lantana, lunch at the lodge & back. Gorgeous day. We were the only wildlife on the trail.

Vicki said...

7/14 11.0
7/15 11.2

I have fallen off the Derby miles, just got lazy.

I'm back! Still lazy, but with GPS in hand.

Ride along the lake yesterday on Lucy, in a grove by the lake, lots of deer, saw a fawn bound up, saw a flash of something big a red go after it, heard the big cat. Couger, moutain lion, panther - all those names, too exciting, don't know who won that race, I kept moving.


Vicki said...


8.2 miles, max speed 11.7

Rode with a bible study gal friend on her pretty Arabian, Hank.
Got out before it got too hot, and did some transitions through the gaits, working on a loose rein. Deacon & Hank, nice together.

Vicki said...

10.8 miles today at Grapevine Lake.

Up at 4:30 a.m. to beat the heat. Gorgeous morning, great breeze off of the lake, no flies!

New trails (to me) around the point of the lake, it was so good to be on a horse. Lucy and Deacon both going great.

Vicki said...

8/3/12 11.2 miles which I think puts me at 380.72

Out to the lodge and back bareback on Lucy. A potential client wanted to try a saddle, so I gave him mine. Beautiful morning with John & Gail and a cool breeze off of the lake for most of the ride.
Almost 9:00 p.m. here now and still 96 degrees. Yikes!

Vicki said...


11.1 miles. The infamous "John bites the dirt", and so do I, ride.
Great news, John ordered his Tipperary helmet today. 63 years old, lifelong horseman - lives to ride another day. Way to go, Deacon!

Vicki said...

8/22 8.00
8/24 8.35
8/25 11.00

Great riding on the lake, all uneventful. It's so much fun to read Christine & Juanita's tales & adventures. Glad you Nebraskans are getting some moisture - us too, here in Texas!

Vicki said...

8/30 11.2 miles Lake Ray Roberts
8/31 10.2 miles

Rode today with 5 others, great group - 4 of the 6 in my Black Forest saddles, the 5th called me during my nap and made plans to trial hers. That's exciting. Great weather, good friends, pizza at Pellegrinos after dropping the ponies at the house.
Happy Labor Day weekend, all!

Vicki said...

9/1/12 12.6 miles Grapevine Lake with Keith, Nahla & John.

HOT! I got over hot & was crabby by the time I got back to the trailer. On the trail by the full moon this morning, watched the sun come up over the lake with the Great Blue Heron & egrets fishing along the shoreline. Took a "zero to 2" break, took off boots, rolled up jeans and played in the water and then sat on driftwood while our feet dried. Horses all good and quiet, I'm ready for a break in the lake as opposed to riding around it.

Vicki said...

9/8/12 11.2 miles

Early morning loop at the lake with Rutan. I won't miss having to get up at the butt crack of dawn (as Robin Nore says) to get a ride in to beat the triple digit heat. Beautiful, cool, hint of Fall day.

Thinking about all the trail challenge participants!

Tammy Vasa said...

I'm hoping triple digits are over!

For some reason, I missed these in the comments this time around. I'll catch them next time!

Vicki said...

9/12/12 Lake Murray, Oklahoma

9.8 miles

Trailered an hour and a half north to Lake Murray. First time riding these trails, which turned out to not be trails. Just 4000 acres of open riding, with natural aquamarine colored lake wherever you look, and the potential of a quick swim always a possibility. With riders that had to get back early, so didn't get the time there that I wanted, but we'll be going back, probably next week to spend the day exploring.

Prayers for safe travel and a fabulous week for all the Cowgirl Weekend women!

Vicki said...

9/15 15.4
9/16 6.8
9/16 4.3

Camped just overnight at the grasslands because all of us were city stir-crazy. Beautiful, overcast, cool, a few drops of rain overnight, but just enough that the footing was great. Got to explore the orange trail (26 miles) that I hadn't gotten to ride at all, it's just gorgeous - planning on heading back out this week to do more of it.

Did 15 miles the first afternoon and ended up not checking my girth, sored Lucy, so rode her bareback the second day which slowed the pace considerably. I can still walk, so I quit in time.

I love the start of Fall!

Vicki said...

Forgot to add my total miles.

I'm coming up with 500.67, Tammy, let me know if that jives with what you have.

Love you dahlink!

Vicki said...

9/18/12 4.2 miles
Total of 504.87

Short, mosey ride on Deacon, alone at the lake. Spent a good hour just dinking around with my gps, trading out endurance fenders for english leathers, taking the salamander visor off of my Tipperary helmet and using the Goo Gone on it, stuff like that. Not much motivated to move fast. One lone salamander and some deer flies on the trail.

Forgot to mention the captured feral hog that we saw over the weekend. Some local had his pickup and a hog cage, and had trapped a young sow. He was leaving the campsite as we were coming back in so we all got to get as close to a wild pig as you'd ever want to get. She was NOOO happy (as Maggie would say). Texas. Pigs. Gotta love it.

Vicki said...

9/26 8.4 miles
9/27 4.3 miles

Vicki said...

10/3/12 11.0 miles Lake Ray Roberts Total miles 528.57

Gorgeous fall day! One Armadillo, one stork, numerous deer. Lucy's first ride out after a week of being laid off with some funky lameness thing. She was good to go today.

Leaving Monday morning for Pole Canyon, a repeat trip to the amazing canyon ride we did earlier in the year. 10 of us going.
Kirk going and taking his mountain bike and riding with the husband of one of my riding friends. I won't be able to post miles probably during the week, so will catch up when I get back. If I come back.

Christine, don't know what's up, but if you need praying, I'm on it!


Vicki said...

Pole Canyon 10/9/12 14.00 miles
Caprock Canyon 10/10/12 8.69 miles
Caprock Canyon Upper Rim Trail 10/11/12 10.5 miles
Total miles to date 561.76

Truly a zero-to-two week of travel and riding with good friends.
An easy 5 hour haul to west Texas to the 2nd deepest canyon in the United States. 10 of us with horses and dreams camping on some of the most historically fascinating terrain I've ever had the joy to spend time in. Various ranchers/historians/archeologists would join us in the evening for dinner - just dropping in to pay respects to one of our group that spent 30 years in that part of the country. It was such a pleasure to share our food and time with each of the visitors. Cooking with friends and hosting guests in their own neck of the woods was really fun.

Deacon and Lucy very fit. Note to self: IDNNAH, but if I ever do - get ones with a girth groove...sigh. They have such little short backs and girths just end up wadded up under their arm-pits. What a drag. Anyway - we perservered on through. Spectacular terrain as you can imagine - and they had 2.5" of rain two weeks prior which carved new trails and changed all the old ones.

Kirk took his (my) moutain bike and biked trails with another one of the "husbands". Had a terrific time as well. My share of the ranch house, horse pen, day ride fee for Mon-Fri morning was $136.
Can you believe it?

Can't wait to hear TV's CTR stories!

Vicki said...

10/17 6.1 miles Lake Ray Roberts
10/20 11.3 miles Era Trail ride

Deacon on one of my favorite rides today - getting to ride 5 neighboring ranches in Era, Texas. Spectacular day, over 200 riders, which is the type of ride I generally avoid, but many of my best riding buddies were doing this ride, the lunch stop is always spectacular, and the water and porta-potty stops along the trail are a nice chance to catch up with all the characters. It's literally just a horse-shopping mall. Wow, some fabulous horses. IDNNAH (still), but if I did, today it would have been the Friesen/Arab cross that the girl with the best lipstick was riding.

Hope everyone had a terrific Saturday! Total miles 579.16

Vicki said...

10/22/12 7.65 miles

LBJ Grasslands today, just bushwhacked cross-country, got rained on a bit, spent 20 minutes or so backed up against some big cedar trees while the rain passed through. Gorgeous fall color in the trees, lots of cattle. Lucy & Deacon going good. "Zero-to-Two and see it all" kind of day.

586.81 miles to date. Just snuck past Shari Parys...

Vicki said...

10/27/12 8.72 miles - ride from the dam north to Isle Du Bois w/John
10/28/12 11.1 miles - ride to Lantana for lunch with Carol.

My friend Carol rides big thoroughbred horses, and there isn't much walking done when she and I ride together. We do long side-by-side hand gallops, and a lot of upward and downward transitions. Fun, fun, fun! Had a lovely avocado salad and a flatbread pizza at the lodge for lunch, then back out on the trail to work it off. Gorgeous, fall day!

606.73 miles to date.

Vicki said...

11/2/12 13.83 miles
11/3/12 3.00 miles

Kirk and I took the ponies and the dogs and went 4 miles NE to Talihina, Oklahoma to ride the hills in the fall color. It was just spectacular and I enjoyed my first ride alone with my husband in a long, long time. We rented one of the cabins, and just had a great couple of days...until Deacon colicked on Saturday morning. Thought through my options, then decided to load everyone up and take him home to our vet. He made the trip in good shape, and the vet was optimistic that it wasn't that same lower intestinal thing that had happened twice before. I think he just wasn't drinking, even with salt added to their food. I'd told myself that if it happened again, I'd put him down - just can't justify the expense of those episodes if they continue, but thankfully, that doesn't seem to be one of the options facing me today.

Kirk sure enjoyed riding him, both horses were terrific in some very technical terrain. One of my favorite horse camping spots.
75-80 degrees both days. Great rides. Kirk also saw his first LIVE armadillo, photos on Facebook.

Total miles to date: 623.56

Vicki said...

That last post should say 4 hours NE to Talihina, not 4 miles. Have miles on the brain!

Vicki said...

11/8/12 4.47 miles on Deacon.

Short ride, he's not ready to be back on the trail. He's looking better today, I'm going to lay him off another week.

Beautiful, fall - we badly need some rain!

Miles to date 628.03

Tammy Vasa said...

Hope Deacon is feeling better today.
Slight math correction ... 623.56+4.47=627.93

Vicki said...

11/13/12 11.2 miles
11/14/12 11.2 miles

Same route, different day, gorgeous rides, thank you, Jesus for this amazing life that I live.

Tammy, I saw your math correction on last post, but can't make it come out to that - 623.56 + 4.47 is 628.03, no?

Total miles to date (I think) 650.43

Tammy Vasa said...

I must have been having an optical migraine.

Vicki said...

11/21/12 13.38 miles

Still another amazing indian summer day - 79 degrees today, the color of the leaves is incredible. Out at the LBJ Grasslands with my buddy John on Ranger, me on Lucy. Cody the Border Collie was one happy dog on the trail.

Total miles 663.81

Vicki said...

11/25/12 11.2 miles

Kirk and I on Deacon & Lucy to Lantana for lunch, then back home.
Ponies were great, what a nice time to ride with my husband...

Total miles 675.01

Vicki said...

11/27/12 8 miles

John & I,and two of my customers on endurance horses out early in the cold today. 36 degrees when my butt hit the saddle @ 10:00 a.m.

I've never heard the sounds I heard today on the trail - stags in rut - had lots of crashing through the woods of great quantities of deer, then bucks coming out onto the trail - only yards in front of us - not even acknowleging that we were there - mouths open and panting, legs shaking (the bucks, not us...(LOL)) then wandering back into the woods chasing the girls...

I've never seen the annual "sex in the woods", or heard it, so today was really enlightening. Finished my ride on Deacon, who said " I told you something was in there, mom"...

Total miles to date - 683.01

Vicki said...

12/6 13.8 Blue Trail at the Grasslands

12/8 10.8 Trail to Lantana - 3 Armadillo, billions of deer, 1 hawk.

707.61 miles to date

Vicki said...

12/6 13.8 Blue Trail at the Grasslands

12/8 10.8 Trail to Lantana - 3 Armadillo, billions of deer, 1 hawk.

707.61 miles to date

Vicki said...

12/13 8.63 miles at the grasslands
12/15 11.36 at Ray Roberts

727.60 miles to date

Vicki said...

12/21/12 11.54 miles

Rode Deacon, John on Lucy. 32 degrees and sunny, almost 60 when we finished. Hawks, deer, buzzards, 1 roadrunner. We the only riders on the lake today.

Total miles to date 739.14

Vicki said...


Vicki said...


Vicki said...


10.11 miles w/Kirk at LBJ Grasslands

Kirk on Deacon, they made a fine pair. They're doing great together.

Total miles 749.25

Vicki said...

Wow, all. Bittersweet ride. The weather is going to be dicey here tomorrow, also moving Maggie into her group home, so today was my last ride of 2012. I rode alone, in late afternoon. Rode Deacon, ponied Lucy, as that's the way I started out this year - what a blessing to be able to finish it that way - with both horses healthy, and my family around me.
The deer were thick and moving at that time of day, so I kept to a walk, or a dead halt, actually. Rode into the Buzzard cove and shot pics of the big birds roosting. Stopped to get a photo of the 5 deer in the meadow on my way out of the park. I'm so grateful for the year we have all had. I rode 2.32 miles today - and I rode them for my amazing friend Jamie DeJong. If friends can share vacation or sick days, I vote we can share well and amazingly happy days with Jamie, or whomever might need them.

I love you all. What a great challenge.

2.32 miles today, something over 750 total.

Jamie said...

Love ya Vic, thanks! I'm writing to you...

Vicki said...

I meant to say, that if friends can share vacation and sick days with friends, then we should be able to share DD trail miles with Jamie - or whomever needs them to meet a stated goal.

I'm pullin for you Jamie! Love you, you made this challenge for me! (Not that you need them, want them, or would accept them) LOL!

Jamie said...

Oh, lol, you'll see soon enough - I made my 200 today!

Tammy Vasa said...

Love Love Love your offer of gifting Jamie your miles. The camaraderie among riders has made this Derby even more special. You have probably seen by now that she made it on her own! I think, Jamie, we all rode that last mile with you!

Jamie said...

I know Tammy, the amount of comradery that has been shown with the DD has been amazing. Thanks to all of you - thought of everyone I'd ridden with before the DD, and this year, during the ride. It's been a great ride and looking forward to 2013!

Vicki said...

I am done for 2012, thanks TV!