Friday, December 16, 2011

Team 19: Gemma


Hi all.  My name is Sharon Mueller and my baby girl’s name is Gemma.  I am new to all this so please bear with me as I try to tell you about myself.  LOL
I have recently gotten into trail riding after wanting to own horses since I was a young girl.  I am down to one horse, my 9 year old mare Gemma, who is pretty mad at me right now after loosing her pen-mate, Rosco, from old age.
I love spending time with my horse, teaching her new things and also learning as I am going.  Looking forward to spending more time this year in the saddle and overcoming some of the things that we both need to work on.


Midnight11 said...

Just wanted to add a side note that now Gemma is not alone anymore. After spending the whole day at the horse auction yesterday, we are not the proud parents of a 10 year old grade sorral gelding by the name of Cowboy. Was able to take him out today and around the place, but sense its soo new for him, did not want to go to far in the beginning sense its just getting use to us. He is a sweet boy, lunges like a pro and works off of leg pressure so need to get up to date on my q's sense he is a try cowboys horse, was used in feedlots and is very cowy.

Midnight11 said...

Getting ready to start putting the miles on. The weather out here with the rain and not being able to get into the round pen has put me dead last. But, starting this weekend the miles will be added.

Midnight11 said...
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Midnight11 said...

Ok, yesterday I got to do some major riding, sense it was SOOO nice out, I got 4.59 miles put on Gemma and only 3.34 miles on Cowboy. He gave me more problems then Gemma ever did and he was the one that was to be better broke then her. A grand total of 7.93.
But, I paid for that little time with my skin tone I need to remember to get some sun block. LOL

Midnight11 said...

Well, not much in today, but rode out 1 miles to meet a friend and a mile back, she on the other hand rode a good 5 miles from her place to mine, tomorrow, will try riding half way to her place and see how gemma does on the ride home alone, for some reason she has a problem being alone.
Total miles today 2 miles.