Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Team 17: Murren

Hello!  My name is Jerri Murren.  I live in Nevinville, Iowa.  I have 4 horses, T-Bone my 11 yr old QH gelding, Rosie my 15 yr old paint mare, Jack and Joe soon to be 3 yr old geldings.  T-Bone and Rosie are my main riding horses.  The colts will be going to a trainer this spring and then I will be putting miles on them.  This game will hopefully encourage me to log more hours than normal on all the horses.  I only trail ride and do overnight camping and occasionally move a few cows with my horses.  I look forward to watching everyone log their miles and I am always up for meeting new riders and finding new places to ride my horse.



Jerri said...


Jerri said...

Ok I thought I posted this on Friday but for some reason it didn't show up.

1/5/2012 4 miles
1/6/2012 5.2 miles

My riding buddy came to the country and rode one of my horses last week. The next 2 days I am going to town and will be riding one of her horses to log my miles. Starting to figure out my gps....I think. Hope this weather stays like this thru spring! lol

Jerri said...

1/9/2012 6.5 miles
moving avg speed 3.8
time moving 1:43

Rode my bff's new horse and we worked out pretty good. Thought it was pretty good for us to ride 6.5 miles all within town. Good experience for horse's and me!

Jerri said...

3.39 miles
moving avg 3.0 mph
1:07 time moving

3.41 miles
moving avg 3.0 mph

Total miles = 22.5 miles

At least I know that T-Bone walks a consistant speed ponying a colt. This is his fast No he is not a speed event horse! hahaha!
Looks like it may be awhile before we get to ride again since it looks like SW Iowa is going to get freezing rain and snow. Hopefully the 50's will be back soon!!

Jerri said...

4.86 miles
moving avg 3.2 mph
1 hr 32 min. time moving

Total Miles = 27.36 miles

WooooHoooo! 41 degrees with a light wind (barely noticeable) and I rode Rosie! The horses were full of it. My husband rode T-Bone will probably be the only time he rides this year. T was pushing his buttons to see what he could get by with. Looks like we might luck out and have another couple of days next week with temps in the low 40's. Felt good to ride.

Jerri said...
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Jerri said...

4.16 miles
3.8 moving avg
1:06:10 time-moving

Total miles = 31.52

Jerri said...

1.98 miles
3.1 moving avg

Total miles = 33.5

Jerri said...

5.06 Miles
3.2 moving avg
1:34 time moving
2:02 time total

Total miles = 38.56

Can you tell my and my girlfriend were riding together? Alot of talking and stopping.

Jerri said...

11.59 miles
3.2 moving avg
3.01 time moving

Total Miles = 50.15